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Register or Enroll Your Child: Online or In-Person

Parents of new or returning students can complete an online application by clicking one of the links below. Alternatively, if you prefer personalized support, you can visit the main office of the school anytime between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM



Please bring all items listed below to successfully register your child.

1. Child's Certified Birth Certificate

2. Child's Social Security Card

3. One proof of residency

  • Examples Include:
    • Lease or Current Mortgage statement (coupon book; closing papers if just purchased)
    • Utility bill (electric, water, or cable bill - for service within the last 30 days OR connect order if just moved in)
    • Property tax statement or income tax statement (current year)
    • Automobile registration or insurance policy (current year/month)
    • Mail from any government agency (within 30 days)

4. Ear, Eye, and Dental Screening, Georgia Form 3300 - 30 days from date of registration during the school year (available from a GA licensed doctor or the Health Department.)

5. Immunization Certificate, Georgia Form 3231- at enrollment (available from a GA licensed doctor or the Health Department.)

6. Proof of Medicaid or Food Stamps When Registering for Pre-K (If Applicable)

7. Withdrawal form and/or last report card, if transferring from another school system