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Nutrition Program Policies

  • The School Nutrition Program shall be viewed as a part of the total educational program through the cooperative efforts of administrators, teachers, and school nutrition personnel.
  • Our School Nutrition Program continues to make every effort to provide our students with nutritious meals following U.S. Dietary Guidelines for reduced amounts of sodium, fat, and sugar.
  • Our main goal is to provide nutritious food for the body so the mind is equipped for learning. Offer vs. Serve is approved for all grades 3-12.
  • All students receive free breakfast and lunch. No applications are necessary.
  • We will continue to use Computerized Point-Of-Sale programs to achieve accurate meal counts.
  • According to FederalĀ Guidelines, any previous charges owed for meals will have to be collected. Letters will be mailed and telephone calls made concerning the charges. Payments can be made in the cafeterias or in the School Nutrition Office. Questions concerning this matter may be directed to Judy Brown, Nutrition Director at (478) 946-5521 ext. 233.
  • Payments by check can be for School Nutrition only. If a check is returned for any reason, no future checks will be accepted from that person or family. No personal checks will be cashed for an individual by the School Nutrition Program.
  • Students and faculty may bring meals prepared at home into a school cafeteria. The School Nutrition Program will not be responsible for the safety of meals brought from home by student or faculty. Due to limited storage facilities and health department regulations, storage of meals brought from home are the responsibility of the person bringing the meal. A milk may be purchased during the lunch period. Beverages brought from home must be in insulated containers. No one is to bring food into the cafeteria that displays commercial wrapping from an outside food establishment (i.e. fast food restaurants). Students are not allowed to leave campus during the meal period.