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Nicole Madison-Stephens


Dear Students and Parents,

      We are so excited to welcome all of our students back to Wilkinson County Primary School. This year we will continue to focus heavily on building strong foundational skills in each and every one of our students . One of our goals this school term is to encourage as many parents and community members as possible to come into the school for specific training sessions on how to support our students in the home environment. We will have several opportunities to collaborate with you as the year progresses. We have a few new team members who are excited to assist us with this and, with your support, we have no doubt that we will accomplish this goal. The theme for Wilkinson County Primary School (WCPS) is WCPS IS FULL STEAM AHEAD:

  •  Striving To

  •  Enhance Academic

  •  Minds

Please know that the faculty and staff at Wilkinson County Primary School are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for your child. This includes keeping open communication between home and school. One major method used by our teachers is Class DOJO. This messaging system lets you know how your child is doing daily both behaviorally and academically. Parent Portal in our student information system is another important tool for you to use to see your child’s progress. Please ask your child’s teacher about these communication tools available to you. 

While your child is at WCPS, we make it our mission to help him/her develop a love for learning through engaging classroom activities that promote literacy, mathematics and citizenship. We believe that instructional time is to be held sacred. Therefore, if you would like to have a conference with your child’s teacher, we ask that you make an appointment so as not to disrupt teaching and learning. 

      Please understand that your child’s safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, the protocol for student pick up and car riders has been changed. These protocols as well as other valuable information can be found in this handbook, on our school website and Facebook page. Other important school information can be found on the following pages of this handbook including policies, rules, regulations, and expectations regarding your child’s academic performance and behavior at Wilkinson County Primary School. Please read this handbook carefully and share any questions with your child’s teacher or contact the school office at 478-946-2161. The last page should be signed and returned to school within five days of receipt.  Thank you for your cooperation and support as we work together to provide a high quality education for your child. 


Ms. Nicole Stephens, Principal-Wilkinson County Primary School 


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