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Wilkinson County Schools District is committed to transparency and strives to provide our taxpayers with clear and meaningful financial information. WCSD takes an active role in engaging our community by providing the necessary tools to ensure the success of all students. 

Folder FY19 (2 Files)
pdf file FY19 Tax Digest & 5 Year Levy
pdf file FY19 General Budget
Folder FY20 (0 Files)
Folder FY18 (2 Files)
pdf file FY18 General Budget
pdf file FY2018 SPLOST- Schedule 4
Folder FY17 (4 Files)
pdf file FY17 Audit Report
pdf file FY17 General Budget
pdf file FY17 Tax Digest & 5 Year Levy
pdf file FY17 SPLOST - Schedule 4
Folder FY16 (2 Files)
pdf file FY16 Audit Report
pdf file FY16 SPLOST - Schedule 4
Folder FY15 (2 Files)
pdf file FY15 Audit Report
pdf file FY15 SPLOST - Schedule 4
Folder FY14 (2 Files)
pdf file FY14 Audit Report
pdf file FY14 SPLOST - Schedule 4
PO Box 206 | 197 W Main Street | Irwinton, GA| PH: 478.946.5521 | FX: 478.946.5565
District Vision:
Making Students Competent Builders of a
Globally Competitive Future
District Mission:
Expand - Empower - Excel (E3)