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Athletics are recognized as an integral part of the total educational program of the Wilkinson County School District. The primary purpose of the Wilkinson County School District is to provide the best education for our student-athletes. Athletics are an extension of the academic curriculum. Athletics contributes to the physical, social, emotional and moral development of the students involved.
Since it is a privilege to participate on extracurricular teams, each student-athlete carries with them responsibilities and expectations set forth by the GHSA and the Wilkinson County Board of Education.
Our goal is to develop highly competitive athletes, without losing sight of the educational process, and the values of sportsmanship, health, and scholastic achievement.

PO Box 206 | 197 W Main Street | Irwinton, GA| PH: 478.946.5521 | FX: 478.946.5565
District Vision:
Making Students Competent Builders of a
Globally Competitive Future
District Mission:
Expand - Empower - Excel (E3)